William Rosen

Bill Rosen sadly passed away in April 2016. His websites and literary legacy will be maintained by his wife Jeanine and his children Quillan, Emma and Alex. Any queries may be directed to his email and all efforts will be made to respond.

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Selected Works

History, Science, Medicine
For fans of Microbe Hunters: The epic history of how antibiotics were born, saving millions of lives and creating a vast new industry known as Big Pharma. Miracle Cure explains why, given the complex nature of bacteria—and their ability to rapidly evolve into new forms—the only way to locate and test potential antibiotic strains is by large-scale, systematic, trial-and-error experimentation. Organizing that research needs large, well-funded organizations and businesses, and so our entire scientific-industrial complex, built around the pharmaceutical company, was born.
History, Science
The end of feudalism, and the beginning of European nation-states, against the background of a wrenching change in climate...the famine that marked the end of the Medieval Warm Period.
History, Economics, Science
A provocative examination of the most transformative event in human history: the Industrial Revolution. "A fascinating, wide-ranging narrative...A staggering work of epistemological research." KIRKUS REVIEWS (Starred review)
History, Medicine
A sweeping account of how nature's smallest organism brought down history's mightiest empire. "Eccentric and erudite...a massively ambitious work." THE GUARDIAN (London)

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